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Innovation Conference Materials:

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Using this website you can post/share information, find links to helpful resources, ask questions that others can post solutions to.

Cohort III 2009-2010 Professional Development Schedule:
2009-2010 Cohort III Training Schedule RA4-09.docx

Monthly Online Conversations:

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Curriculum Samples from Clay County:

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Additional Resources:

Unit Outline Information: Units outlined by topic not just lesson numbers, provided by Diana Cruickshank
Units1- 4 outline.doc
Unit 5-7 outline.doc

A recording from August 27th, 2008, that reinforces the value of digital curriculum
"Integrating Digital Curriculum in the Classroom: Online Math Curriculum and Interactive Whiteboards"
Duration: 60-minutes

Rubric for Developing Dialogue/Thinking in the classroom

Developed by Angela Cunningham, BCHS:
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Onlne Resources: List of online resources that is available on blackboard. Now separated into content areas for easier usage. Students can access this list easily and we can share any updates to links quickly within our community of learners.

Custom Google Search Engine- searches only sites from the Online Resources pages

Lesson Plans & Activities:

Share what you create with everyone else. We don't have to recreate the wheel each time we plan for hybrid instruction.

Collaborative Projects

Digital Images/Flickr Assignment- Having students think about how, when, where they see math and expressing that in a digital way.

Resources and Prompts- Journal & discussion board prompts, activities to use with students at the beginning of class around the KVHS lessons