Online Geometry Resources

Fibonacci, Architecture, & Music
Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music- Provides occurrences of the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio in architecture, art and music.

Free Dynamic Online Graphing Utility- 2D with multiple graphs at once, and 3D capabilities
Geogebra- free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It received several international awards including the European and German educational software awards.
Geometer’s Sketchpad- This page contains links to online versions of, and handouts to, recent Sketchpad presentations, talks, and workshops offered by members of the Sketchpad group at KCP Technologies and Key Curriculum Press. Individual talks may include cited research papers, downloadable sketches, or reproducible activity masters.
Geometer’s Sketchpad- This collection of activities for grades 3-5 offers examples of the ways in which Sketchpad can be used productively across the range of mathematical subject areas in the elementary curriculum. In addition to geometry activities, there are many activities that touch on various parts of the Measurement, Algebra, and Number & Operations content standards of the NCTM Standards.

Geometer’s Sketchpad- 101 Project Ideas for The Geometer's Sketchpad is a booklet from Key Curriculum Press that's full of exciting project ideas for use in the classroom or at home. The projects are designed for users with varying degrees of Sketchpad experience and cover a wide range of subject areas (art/animation, triangles, real-world modeling, calculus, transformations and tessellations, trigonometry, fractals, and many more). It's included with The Geometer's Sketchpad and is available for order separately.

Geometer’s Sketchpad- These links take you to other sites discussing Sketchpad or presenting Dynamic Geometry® activities, lessons, and ideas. For information about print-based resources, consult the Bibliography.

Interactivate is a set of free, online courseware for exploration in science and mathematics. It is comprised of activities, lessons, and discussions.
Math Open Reference- Graphing- contains resources and applets that investigates graphing

Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE) - division of the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Online Resource Catalog
Peanut Software- freely distributed dynamic software applications that support student inquiry, graphing, and algorithmic manipulation
PBS Teacherline- Interactive website developing mathematical concepts

Plane Geometry Course- Semi-interactive math courses that students can use to get ideas or strengthen their understanding on their own. The site is maintained by a community college professor from New York, Lawrence Spector. Full of good examples and easy to use!
Texas Instruments Education Activity Exchange (Geometry)- Browse by Subject, Free, collaborative forum where educators share favorite activities using TI technology. geometrySection.html
Zona Land- Applets that focus on geometry