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Monthly Online Conversation PowerPoints/Materials for Cohort III

Articles from Summer Training 2009-2010, Cohort III:

Here is a repository of the PowerPoints that we've used online with you during the project.
Summer Trainings on Spotlight

Face 2 Face Training for Blackboard

August Conversation
September 2008 Conversation: 15, 17, 18
This month’s main focus is on writing to learn in mathematics.

October Conversation:

November Conversation:

December Conversation:

January Conversation

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May Conversation

Just to let you know there is time set aside in the conversation for participants to discuss the article.
As part of the conversation we ask that you respond to a discussion prompt on Spotlight on Algebra.

Finally, as part of the conversation we are going to ask you to discuss a writing to learn experience from your classroom. You are asked to share examples.
Remember, please get your computer situation established in advance so that everyone has an opportunity to share and be heard. It is better for those on the other end if we are all on our own computers.