Lesson 1: Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions

Lesson 2: Simplifying Expressions

Lesson 3: Solving Equations

Lesson 4: More on Solving Equations

Lesson 5: Sets, Intersections, and Unions

Lesson 6: Inequalities & their Graphs

Lesson 7: Using Inequalities

BELL RINGER 7.1.docx
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Lesson 8: Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value

  • 8.1- The Meaning of Absolute Value
  • 8.2- Solving Equations using Absolute Value
  • 8.3- More Solving Equations Containing Absolute Value
  • Comparing Absolute Value Statements

Lesson 9: More Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value


Lesson 10: Graphing Linear Equations

Lesson 11: Slope in Graphs and Equations

Lesson 12: Linear and Nonlinear Equations

Lesson 13: Finding the Equation of a Line

Lesson 14: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, and Linear Inequalities

Lesson 15: Systems of Linear Equations and Their Graphs

Lesson 16: Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitutions

Lesson 17: Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination

Real World Example of a Linear Systems Problem- Cell Phone Plan ProblemThe purpose of this activity is to give teachers access to a problem based on real life data that allows students to opportunity to explore on their own to gather data or for the teacher to be able to present real-life data to students that realistically represents systems of equations.
  • It is not a finished example to be used in a class, but meant as a starting point for teachers to use after determining what their objectives are and who their population is.
  • The format of the presentation is such that teachers are exposed to the use of TI Connect and how the graphing calculator can be utilized in conjunction with a word processor (Word).
  • The graphics used in the problem were captured from a TI-84 using TI Connect, and inserted into a Microsoft Word file.
  • TI-Connect is a free software from TI available at: http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/productDetail/us_ti_connect.html
  • The only hardware needed (beyond a TI graphing calculator and a computer with word processing) is a TI- USB cable. These cables come standard with TI-84s, but have a cost connected with them for TI-83s.

Lesson 19: Systems of Linear Inequalities

Lesson 20: Properties of Exponents

Lesson 21: Monomials

Lesson 22: Polynomials

    • Multiplying Polynomials

Lesson 23: Factoring Polynomials----**

Lesson 24: Factoring Special Polynomials

Exploring the Graphs of Quadratics- Exploring_Quadratics.doc

Example applet for investigation- factorization.doc