Enrollment Form from KDE- This form must be filled out by your school and submitted to Kari Welch for your students to be enrolled.
Teacher Schedule Form from CTL- This is the form that we need each teacher to fill out and submit to Jo Ann and Roland so that we know your schedule and can plan for our visits.
Spotlight Connections to KVHS ALG I.docx This grahic organizer assist in organizing connections from SpotLight on Algebra to KYVS Agebra I Lessons; sources such as applets, URLS, graphing calculators; and strategies - vocabulary development, writing and reading to learn, mathemtical discourse.

2009-2010 Cohort III Training Schedule RA4-09.docx; Attached is the updated calendar of the Hybrid Algebra I Research Calendar.

Hybrid WalkThrough Instrument.doc; Attached is the walkthrough instrument with indicators that we will use when visiting your classrooms. They are modeled after the REL Hybrid Standards that are posted behind Tab 2 in your training binder.

school technology database.xls Attached is the school technolgy database for completion and then sent to Roland.

Claim for Traveling Expenses UofM.htm University of Memphis reimbursement form.

Adding files to the wiki.doc Posting items to the wiki