We will add our initial attempts are using algebra tiles with your students:
Algebra Tiles PP - version 2.ppt- PowerPoint that you can use with your students, but most likely a resource for your own thinking.

Algebra Tiles Worksheet.doc- Example worksheets to use with your students. We encourage you to upload your own samples as you develop them.

On-Line Algebra Tiles:
Holt, Rhinehart, Winston Applet- this algebra tiles applet is the best virtual applet that I hae seen because it is the only one that deals effectively with division. It introduces the concept of partitioning which is very effective.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives- Algebra Tiles applets. Not really for solving equations, but great for exploring distributive properties and for developing the connection between the area model and the dimensions of the area model (from my experiences, an extremely difficult concept to master)